Which organization does the CMRP belong ?2021-01-12T14:58:46+02:00

Belongs to CMRP, accreditation in the field of maintenance and reliability, it is American organization that provides SMRP CMRT & CAMA

How important is a CMRP Certification?2021-01-12T14:39:29+02:00

At ANSI, the only certification previously accredited internationally – It has recently become required as a degree for promotion or employment in many companies in the field of maintenance and accreditation of institutions

What is CMRP Certificate?2021-01-12T14:32:05+02:00

The international certificate is the first in the world in the field of maintenance and accreditation of institutions, and the only one accredited by the National Institute and has an American ANSI accreditation number for standards

What is a CRE course?2020-11-29T14:46:33+02:00

CRE is a certified reliability engineer.


How much time does it take from the beginning to get the FE certificate?2020-11-29T14:40:49+02:00

You need 30 hours of attendance for the course in order to be able to enter the FE test, and Dr. Yasser Shaban will give you all the necessary instructions to pass the test.


Is it possible to attend online for the FE Preparation Diploma?2020-11-29T14:39:38+02:00

Yes, we have all the lectures available online and are interactive with the presence of Dr. Yasser Shaban, and the student can ask and interact with any point in the course.


How many hours is the FE diploma?2020-11-29T14:38:44+02:00

The number of FE diploma hours is 30 hours divided into 10 lectures.


Is the engineering fundamentals course required to attend by myself?2020-11-29T14:35:21+02:00

We have the possibility to grant the FE Basic Engineering course online or by attendance.


Is FE course available in Arabic?2020-11-29T14:34:33+02:00

Explanation is available in Arabic, while the study materials are in English


Where to get a FE exam training course?2020-11-29T14:33:35+02:00

Dr. Yasser Shaaban offers a training course that qualifies the engineer to pass the international FE test.


Are there countries that do not use FE certification?2020-11-29T14:27:03+02:00

There is no country that does not use the FE certificate. There is a basic certificate for every emerging engineer, and Dr. Yasser Shaban advises it due to its importance.


Is FE certification internationally accredited?2021-01-12T15:42:40+02:00

It is NCEES Certified in the United States of America



How do I prepare for the FE test?2020-11-29T14:24:56+02:00

Dr. Yasser Shaaban advises preparing for the FE certification test by taking a training course before entering the test and then training on the details of the exam by using the test simulator.


What is the FE test?2020-11-29T14:23:13+02:00

The FE exam is five hours and twenty minutes long and contains 110 optional questions.


What is a FE license?2020-11-29T14:16:42+02:00

It stands for Fundamentals of Engineering for graduate engineers to start their own journey.


How long is the CMRP test?2020-11-29T14:14:27+02:00

The duration of the test is two and a half hours.


How much time does it take from inception to obtain CMRP certification?2020-11-29T14:12:55+02:00

The duration of the CMRP exam preparation course is 30 hours and depending on your achievement of the course is the extent to which your time factor is available. Dr. Yasser advises students who are coming to the CMRP test to study an average of 4 hours per day in order to be able to complete the course and enter the test within 15 days


Is it possible to take the exam online to obtain a CMRP license?2020-11-29T14:11:45+02:00

Yes, you can get an online CMRP training course provided by Dr. Yasser Shaban, and the course is interactive


What is the number of CMRP diploma hours?2020-11-29T14:09:58+02:00

Number of training hours 30 hours 10 lectures for the CMRP Diploma (Certificate in Maintenance and Accreditation Professional)


Is the Certified Maintenance & Reliability Professional (CMRP) course need to attend myself?2020-11-29T14:09:06+02:00

All courses for Dr. Yasser Shaban are available online or available by attending the training headquarters of Dr. Yasser Shaban.


Is CMRP course available in Arabic?2020-11-29T14:08:05+02:00

CMRP course is available in Arabic and English


Where can I get a CMRP exam training course?2021-01-12T15:41:04+02:00

Dr. Yasser Shaban provides you with all the study materials, test samples, and test simulators you need



Are there countries that do not use CMRP certification?2020-11-29T13:55:52+02:00

All countries of the world use the CMRP certificate, whether in the Arab world or abroad


Is CMRP certification internationally accredited?2020-11-29T13:08:04+02:00

The CMRP license is the number 1 certificate in the world in the field of maintenance and accreditation of institutions, and it is the only certificate approved by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), and Dr. Yasser Shaban recommends good training on all test axes in order to be able to obtain a good score.


How do I prepare for the CMRP test?2020-11-29T14:06:56+02:00

You can prepare for the CMRP test for maintenance and reliability by starting with taking a preparation course with Dr. Yasser Shaban to qualify you to enter the test and help you obtain most of the question and answer forms of the CMRP certificate



What is a CMRP license?2020-11-29T12:56:33+02:00

The CMRP License is the acronym for Certification Professional in Maintenance and Reliability




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